"Animals Need More Friends!"
Our mission: Serving youth saving endangered species.
"This is where youth gather to protect animals and save the planet!"
Kids become Youth Leaders – you can too!

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"We have to be the change we want to see.
We are the leaders we were waiting for."

Youth of all ages can make a difference to help animals.  Lots and lots of kids have decided to help one species or another, and sometimes entire regions and all the animals that live there.  They took  just one step at a time, usually by reading and then talking to the people around them, giving talks in their classrooms and at community events. They shared what they had learned.  Eventually these kids found themselves on radio and TV news programs, some got invited to State and National government offices.  Some went to the White House.  Some even got invited to the United Nations!  Along the way they met more and more people who wanted to help the animals.  As they made more friends and connected with more people they grew their influence to make the world a better place.

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Adults Campaign

Grownups move from passive to "advocate", and from "advocate" to "activist".

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STOP the WAR on NATURE is our campaign to enroll adults who care about the future of our civilization and don't want to sit on the sidelines. People who want to be advocates for nature and our children's future. People who might want to move past advocacy to activism to help shape what this world is becoming.

There is strength in numbers. It has always been true.  It will take great numbers of people to counter the strong forces of corporate greed, governmental lethargy, and public complacency to shift the direction of our progress away from environmental disaster and towards sustainability and respect for human rights. We are building those numbers by including everyone who cares.

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School Assembly Presentations


Youth Assembly Presentations


The Science and Tech of Natural Resources


• Saving Endangered Species


• Water Wise - The Science of Water Conservation


• 4 Assembly Followup Programs!


Available to Schools, After School Programs, and youth groups - currently in California.  Our Presentations are dynamic, exciting, and leave a lasting impression.  These multi-media assemblies deliver more than great science, amazing nature, and a fun time.  In addition, we offer student empowerment by promoting community involvement and youth leadership.  This is an Assembly Program that helps students understand and appreciate the importance of concepts like "empathy", "kindness",  "responsibility", and "stewardship".


Assembly Followup Program

Following the assembly, teachers have the option of having their class participate in one or more of our followup programs.  These programs create opportunities for students to get even more out or the assembly presentation, by participating in hands-on activities in their classroom, in their community, and around the world!

Endangered Wildlife Art Exchange - exchange artwork of endangered animals with students in under-developed countries.

Local A-Team for community awareness- create clubs for wildlife activities and community awareness engagement.

DaVinci Challlenge: Build a Drone - groups learn wildlife tech skills to assemble this kit with professional assistance.

One Planet Classrooms - collaborate with classes in developing countries to share cultural experiences and create a better world.


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