Environmental Excellence Award!


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“These awards take us to a whole new level of credibility and visibility. The credit is shared by the special people who demonstrated commitment to our mission and confidence in our new organization: our 17 amazing International A-Team Founding Youth Members and their parents, Board of Directors, Advisory Council, Associates, the Jungle Deep Podcast distributors, and our podcast guests.  These are your awards, too.”

“I commend NAEP for being willing to recognize the efforts of the little guy. For an association that deals mostly with policies, bureaucracies, corporations and governments to make room for and acknowledge an individual who wants to inform and entertain children and the public at large with environmental education… well…that is remarkable. It represents the kind of broad-minded, inclusive thinking that is needed to enhance the effectiveness of all efforts to protect the environment.  An award like yours means even more to we social entrepreneurs struggling without infrastructure or funding.   It encourages us in the pursuit of our calling to try to make the world a better place.  Thank you.” -KJ


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