Allie Boyer

International A-Team Member

Allie Boyer (15)


Name: Allie Boyer, Orangutan Conservation

Current Age: 15

Years Active: 8

Website: closed - on leave for health reasons.

Email:  closed.

Location:  Chico, California, USA

Greatest Event or Award: Youth Ambassador of Orangutan Outreach

Primary Campaign:  Purses for Primates, a non profit I started in middle school. I collect gently used purses to re-sell at purse parties, with 100% of the proceeds going to orangutan releases through Orangutan Outreach.

Education Efforts: Class presentations, produced the book, "Allie and the Orangutan".

Funds Raised to Date: over  $9,000 for Orangutan Outreach


My name is Allison Boyer and I have been on a mission to save orangutans since I was seven years old. At first, I began by raising awareness around my community about palm oil plantations, and the rain forest destruction is causes. I handed out flyers at a 7-7-7 festival in my town was where I started off. From there on every school project I did was about orangutans. I really wanted my class mates to know about this problem. It did not matter if we were drawing tea cups in art, somewhere in the background an orangutan could be found. Since I had the same group of class mates in the g.a.t.e program though elementary school, by 6th grade they were all fairly familiar with my campaign. In the seventh grade, I started my non profit, Purses for Primates. I collect gently used purses and jewelry to re-sell at purse parties. 100% of the proceeds made goes to the orangutan release programs through Orangutan Outreach. So far I have raised over $9,000! I am currently youth Ambassador of Orangutan Outreach, working with kids in the "forest school 101" program. This is for any kids who are interested in saving orangutans. I am also a member on Jane Goodall's National Youth Leadership Council. It is incredible for networking with other teens who do similar causes. My personal hero runs Orangutan Outreach, his name is Richard Zimmerman. He has been very encouraging of my efforts to help save orangutans since day one. I can't wait to work more with him on many projects to come! I am currently a Sophomore at Pleasant Valley High School. For college I hope to get into either Stanford, or Cambridge. I want to get my masters in business, to further my understanding on how to run a non profit, so mine can continue to grow. I am very excited to be apart of the A-Team For Wildlife, and the opportunities it will bring.

Listen to Allie on the Jungle Deep Podcast  here.

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North State Parent magazine's "Be The Change" recognizes Allie Boyer:

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Allie Boyer 3
A younger Allie with her message.
Allie Boyer 2
Recycling purses to raise funds for orangutans.
Allie Boyer with friend, Natalie
Allie Boyer with friend, Natalie, at a Purse Party.



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