A-Team For Wildlife’s Manifesto


What we believe

A-Team For Wildlife focuses on what we believe is the most important activity to be doing at this point in history, in order to save most of the natural world and human civilization. We don't waste time and efforts duplicating more of what others are already producing. We are doing what we think has been neglected by other organizations and what we think most needs to be done. We serve youth saving endangered species.  Conservationists have largely been neglecting youth.  As half of the world's population are children, we believe they represent a huge resource not adequately supported by most conservation organizations.  Indeed, we are aware of many, many examples of youth leadership in conservation that have been unrewarded and under-supported. We are here to change that.

It took over 50 years for the American public to wake up to the dangers of Climate Change.  Humankind does not have another 50 years for people to wake up to the dangers of species extinction. The 6th Mass Extinction is already underway.  Species extinction will undermine civilization.  We believe a sense of urgency is rational and necessary to overcome the formidable obstacles of corporate greed, governmental lethargy, and public complacency. We believe this current new generation of children is the last generation for which there is time to preserve biodiversity and save humanity. This world belongs to the young, too, and they want to help. We leaders of A-Team For Wildlife have assumed the responsibility for creating a new generation of people who care more and are better informed, about wildlife and our natural resources in general. It is not enough to save an individual, a species, or a tract of land for today.  We want to create the generation that will honor, protect, and expand the work done by today's conservationists into the future.

What we dream

We are working towards the day when Local A-Teams of young people grow in every region, in every country, engaging the public in their communities around conservation.  We will create a network of young leaders who have distinguished themselves and for whom we can provide specialized education and life-changing experiences. We see the day when we can gather these young conservation leaders in national conferences where they can share, network, and celebrate their work. And finally, we dream of providing a constant flow of new conservation leaders into the world as they become adults, and a growing populace that is conservation literate.  This is required to forge a more nature-centric society and to halt Climate Change, Species Extinction, and Habitat Destruction.

What we do

A-Team for Wildlife has three specific, primary activities.

1. International A-Team Membership offers recognition, support, and mentorship to the proven youth leaders in conservation anywhere in the world.

2. School Assembly Program seeks to reach all children with education about the vital importance of wildlife and all natural resources.

3. Local A-Teams - we invite all children to join with us as Local A-Team Members to learn more about wildlife, and help save endangered species by public engagement and fundraising.

A-Team For Wildlife's primary sources for education of the young is through our website and our presentations.  We are seeking to build a network of Regional Presenters who will promote and manage our presentation program, and provide guidance for Local A-Teams in their regions.

How does all of this get done?  We believe at its most basic, fundamental level, it requires "team-work".  A coming together. A joining to create teams to achieve goals.  There is strength in numbers. It has always been true. It will take great numbers of people joining together to overcome the obstacles. As we strive to be the best, we are "A-Team".

With whom do we collaborate

We seek associations with organizations who have similar concerns and who wish to contribute in some way to our campaign for youth. Our Associate organizations make a commitment to mutual promotion.  Individuals with useful specific skill sets,  resources, credentials, and know-how are asked to join our Advisory Council.  The general public is invited to join our team as subscribers, volunteers, and Local A-Team Leaders.

Leadership - Board Members and Advisory Council

It is vital to understand that A-Team For Wildlife is not like other environmental nonprofits.  More than they, we have to answer to others. We have to set an example for our youth members - both our International A-Team of young champions and our young general members.  This requires a serious commitment to perform with integrity and consistency.  It does not necessarily mean a bigger commitment of time or resources, but it does require a deeper, more hear-felt commitment.  A genuine commitment that elicits from each of us our best selves, to consistently walk our talk.  As the leadership of A-Team For Wildlife, we are being watched and evaluated by our youth members.  We offer to support them. To mentor them. To be there for them.  More than meeting their expectations, we should exceed them. Be inspired by our youth leaders. They are truly awesome.  Make sure that they are, in turn, inspired by you.

You are part of a team.  Your team mates are accomplished individuals who have proven that they don't stand for the average and ordinary.  We expect each board and advisory council member to bring something unique and of value to the team effort.  We are not just "a team", we are the "A-Team".

On the larger scale, we are the leadership that stands for creating a new generation that cares more and are better informed about wildlife and our natural resources.  Because that is what the world needs now.  YOU are important to that cause. It is a grand and noble cause.  Join A-Team For Wildlife's leadership and carry that meaning with you, every day.

Ken Jones, Founder, Director, 5/18/15

Does this speak to you? Can your conservation efforts be doing more to include this critically important new generation? Join with us.



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