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Our founding group of International A-Team Members.

A-Team for Wildlife is a non-profit wildlife education and fund-raising organization.

Our leadership are parents, teachers, and conservation professionals who want to inspire and assist young people to save endangered species and preserve needed habitat. You can learn about us as individuals at the "Meet our Leaders" tab, or by clicking here.

Our Mission:  to serve youth saving endangered species through education, inspiration, guidance, and individualized fund-raising activities.

Our Vision: A-Team for Wildlife will be the leader in youth-generated fund-raising with Local A-Teams in every community in the country and in many countries around the world, supporting and rewarding achievers with Exciting Educational Wildlife Experiences, and offering record-breaking sums as donations to endangered species preservation programs.

Every youth, through membership, will learn about the value of nature, experience teamwork, demonstrate a community service ethos, practice leadership skills, and build confidence while working in an environment that embraces diversity in religion, nationality, race, and gender.

As a result, the trend of accelerating  extinctions will be reversed and the conservation community will have a supply of new conservation professionals backed up by an educated and involved new generation of the public progressing towards sustainability.

A-Team For Wildlife's corporate profile.


A-Team For Wildlife:

1) Supports outside non-profit programs working on preserving endangered species.

  • Donating much-needed funds to projects and programs.
  • Creating a genesis for the next generation of professional conservationists.
  • Taking part in formal Associate and Partnership programs of mutual support, with other conservation organizations.

2) Educates and motivates youth about endangered species.

  • School and youth-group Endangered Species Presentations.
  • Membership in A-Team for Wildlife providing various benefits.
  • Access to our educational and motivational website for information and guidance.
  • Formation of Local A-Teams of youth members working on 1) education of the public, 2) raising funds for wildlife.
  • Contests with rewards for members to Exciting Educational Wildlife Experiences - free trips to see wildlife.

3) Provides a network of support for those youth who have risen to leadership in conservation.

  • International A-Team recognizes, honors, and supports the most effective of youth leadership in conservation, those we call "the prodigies of conservation".
  • Mentors - connecting A-Team youth leaders with adult, professional mentors in their field of interest.
  • Logistical support in providing websites and social media services.
  • Media support- attracting, coordinating, and managing media interest for promotion of their projects. Guidance in creating videos, podcasts,  "Press Kits" and "branding".
  • Role Models, as those found in our International A-Team, provide personal support through networking with other youth in their field of interest.


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