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     Welcome to A-Team For Wildlife.  Use the Menu bar on the right to explore the site.  All areas are open to Adults, except the area for youth Members. We call the youth area of the site our "Wild Life Website".  We are not trying to keep you out of the Youth Area.  We simply want our youth members to have a sense of exclusivity associated with Membership. Indeed, we want you to check it out and see the great things our youth Members have access to there, so you will need to use our Guest Pass.  Simply register on this site using the User Name: Visitor, and the Password: VisitorPassword, (one word & case sensitive) and you will be treated like a Member with access to all areas.


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A-Team For Wildlife's mission is to serve youth saving endangered species. We believe there is nothing more enduring, more powerful, than a child's love for animals.  It leads the way to wanting to save endangered species, their habitats, and eventually to preserving a healthy natural environment that can sustain us all. That connection allows children to realize their individual importance and their ability to change the world. Our Local A-Teams and our youth Members are engaged in raising awareness and raising funds to help endangered animals.  We are here because, "Animals Need More Friends".

A-Team For Wildlife is fostering the next generation of conservationists.  70% of today's conservationists will be gone in 20 years due to aging and retirement.  Those professionals, and many more, will need to be replaced to combat species extinction. Due to habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity has reached proportions that define this time as the greatest Extinction Event since the disappearance of the dinosaurs.  Also, despite decades of conservation messaging, poaching is at an all-time high. This illegal hunting is killing off our most treasured species. We have lost 98% of many populations. 25% of all wildlife species are now threatened with extinction within our lifetime! For example, on average: 3 Tigers per week, and 50 Elephants, 4 Orangutans, 3 Rhinos, and 2 Giant Pandas are illegally killed each day!  Today's children are the last generation that can save these iconic animals… for time is running out. Half of the world's population are children.  It is their world and now, more than ever, young people are becoming change makers and providing youth leadership. A-Team For Wildlife offers a unique system of support to inspire youth activity and to facilitate the early careers of youth leaders.

A-Team For Wildlife hosts the International A-Team of conservation prodigies from around the world.  This group consists of amazing young people doing record-breaking things to help endangered animals.  Never before has an organization assembled around the desire to aid, support and promote the early careers of outstanding youth conservationists.  And never before has a group of these young high-performers come together to lead a youth movement in conservation.  Our International A-Team of young champions provide inspiration and sets examples for all children to emulate. We facilitate the formation of Local A-Teams and introduce everyday kids to raising awareness, youth leadership and change-making in their communities.  We also offer School Assembly Programs on Endangered Species which promotes student involvement.  Our amazing "Wild Life Website" provides education, resources and support to Members and their fund-raising campaigns. To those who demonstrate exceptional activity and leadership we offer "Exciting Educational Wildlife Experiences" - free trips to zoos, preserves, and even overseas safaris.

Every child will benefit from an introduction to A-Team For Wildlife and its message promoting empathy and protection of wildlife.  Exposure to our information and organized activities for young people can open a door for them to greater self-esteem and personal development. Their efforts are rewarded with life-changing "Exciting Educational Wildlife Experiences" with living endangered animals. For those who choose a career in conservation, their path will be facilitated by professionals who can mentor them.  All children under 19 years of age are welcome to join the A-Team - the A-Team For Wildlife.



DONATE : Donation buttons are found on many pages, and in the Menu side bar.  Thank you for donating any amount to support our efforts!  Donated funds support our programs.  If you wish to donate to our fund that supports vetted non-profits saving endangered species, or to donate to a specific activity or program of A-Team, contact us by email to make arrangements.  Membership fees are not donations.  They are a fee for service and support our membership benefits and school assembly programs.  A-Team For Wildlife is a non-profit corporation registered as a charity with the state of California.  Consult a tax professional for the tax implications of your donation. For federal tax exemption purposes, our fiscal agent is "Civic Developers", EIN#: 46-4098888.

VOLUNTEER: Volunteers are welcome and appreciated.  Our primary volunteer activity is as a Local A-Team Leader, heading up a group of A-Team member youths called a Local A-Team.  You, with any other adults in your team, are responsible for giving your team guidance, hosting regular meetings,  facilitating activities, managing fund raising, and helping individual members by providing guidance and motivation with their campaigns.  Volunteers may also help with events, and assist School Presenters for School Assembly Presentations.  If you have skills and experience that can help us at a corporate level, contact us by email.

For organizations or businesses who are in alignment with our purpose:

ASSOCIATE:  This represents a cost-free exchange of promotional activities. This offer includes announcing our new Associate relationship with you on our social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and on our website.  We will share your logo, tagline, and web address. In return, we ask the same from your organization.  We want you to come to think of us as YOUR Youth Outreach Effort. Your input in your field of expertise, to the content of our website and our presentations are invited and welcome.

This is offered as an informal agreement, without cost or contracts, and can be cancelled at any time by either party.  To begin, we simply request your email expressing your acceptance of this invitation to Associate, and send us your logo and tagline. We will do the same.  From time-to-time we will email you about a recent exposure we provided your organization, and keep you up-to-date about our activities with a newsletter.  We ask that you will, in turn, do likewise.

SPONSOR:   Sponsors contribute funds or make in-kind contributions in return for promotional services. These promotional services are more extensive than an Associate relationship, to include your logo on all printed handouts and brochures, and banners.  Further, we will make your organization known to our youth audiences in association with our School Assembly Program, stage shows, and speaking engagements for the public - which is our most substantial and visible outreach effort. These efforts are expected to reach over 100,000 people over the next 12 months. Sponsorships are for a specific A-Team For Wildlife program or event, and for a specific period of time.  The terms of the sponsorship are a written agreement.

PARTNER:  Partnerships are similar to sponsorships but are more generalized and long-term in nature. Partners donate cash contributions and receive top-billing in our promotional efforts, and may receive the delivery of a specific message, or ad, as part of our School Assembly Program and stage presentations.

Simply email us to inquire.


Benefits to Youth:

Membership in A-Team For Wildlife exposes youth to principles of Leadership Training.  Local A-Teams facilitate putting those principles into action with the support and supervision of adult Local A-Team Leaders, and the support of their fellow members.  Participation in A-Team For Wildlife involves raising awareness in the public and raising funds to support the conservation of endangered species.  This activity centers around community involvement, with participation in community events, speaking to individuals and groups: learning and sharing what they have learned.  Members are encouraged to create a campaign - planned program utilizing their own unique interests and abilities, to connect with others in their community, share information, and raise funds.  Member participation may include writing articles, participating in television and radio interviews, meeting with business and government leaders, starting and managing a small business, organizing events, etc.

As a result of A-Team For Wildlife activities, whether as a part of a Local A-Team, or alone, youth are presented many opportunities to build confidence, accumulate experience and positive feedback, be introduced to new academic and career opportunities, learn to appreciate cultural differences and embrace gender, racial, and religious variety.

Youth develop skills in communications, critical thinking, leadership, problem solving, and human relations. Leaders need these skills to be effective in their roles. At the same time, youth learn about character, values, and ethics. Where would any leader be without them?  Youth receive current information on leadership challenges, the traits of leaders, what it takes to lead, motivating others, how to resolve conflict, dealing with difficult people, effective presentation skills, etiquette, practical money skills and more.

Service learning projects, like A-Team For Wildlife,  provide valuable experience. Youth explore real issues as they work with leaders in the nonprofit sector, business, and government. At the same time they build relationships with mentors who serve as positive role models.  Both our International A-Team of youth leaders and our adult leaders provide a wealth of motivation and healthy direction towards growth and self-empowerment for young people.


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Notice and Disclaimer: In your efforts to connect children with nature, A-Team For Wildlife would like to remind parents and other adults that there are risks associated with wildlife activities. A-Team For Wildlife recommends that before you start on your adventures, you become aware of and alert children to any unsafe areas or conditions that may be present in your surroundings. You should also be aware of  your childrens physical limitations and always take necessary safety precautions while exploring the outdoors. In addition, our website contains information written by third parties and links to third-party websites. This information may not necessarily reflect the views of A-Team For Wildlife or any of its members, directors or employees, and the inclusion of this information does not imply an endorsement of that information by A-Team For Wildlife. A-Team For Wildlife works to provide wholesome and accurate information, however, it does not guarantee the appropriateness, accuracy or reliability of any third-party information contained in this website or any link on the website.