Amy Timmerman

International A-Team Member

Amy Timmerman:


Name:  Amy Timmerman, Wildlife Educator

Current Age:  16

Years Active:  5



Location: Paris, Ontario, Canada

Greatest Event or Award: Meeting Jane Goodall

Primary Campaign:  Endangered Species Preservation, Great Apes Preservation

Education Efforts:  Councilor in Training at Jungle Cat World

Funds Raised to Date: $2,000 to Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund


"I believe that the next generation of young conservationists are imperative to the further protection and conservation of our earth and wildlife.  It is such an honor to be considered an individual who will make a difference; I strive to change the world one step at a time, and I imagine this will be an amazing opportunity for growth and learning for me!  Most importantly, I hope that this will allow me to reach out to other young people and inspire them to follow their passion! "

"I have been passionate about wildlife since I can remember.  I have always believed that animals are cognitive, feelings beings, who deserve the same treatment as we give each other as humans.  My strong passion for primates began when I was 11, and was first introduced to the amazing similarities between gorillas and ourselves.  I immediately began doing all the research I could about these astonishing creatures.  In grade 6, I was heartbroken to learn that there were less mountain gorillas in the wild than there are children in most schools: around 800.  I knew that this was so wrong; and began making and selling bracelets in school and in the community to raise money for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.  Through this, I raised over $1000 in just over a year.  At the age of 12, while increasing my knowledge on vivisection, my eyes were opened to the horrid world of animal cruelty.  I became a vegetarian and PETA member, increasing my passion from just saving wild animals, to also the importance of animal treatment domestically.  My passion for animals lead me to doing speeches all around Ontario through the Royal Canadian Legion, about topics ranging from Endangered Species, to Vivisection, to Mountain Gorillas and their cognitive ability.  This same year I also met Peter Klose, the amazing owner of Jungle Cat World.  He became such an inspiration for me, and I began attending Zoo Camp that year.  I also was able to use Jungle Cat World as an outlet to educate people about the many human-caused crisis affecting wildlife.  Through participating in Outreach programs at schools and camps, to presenting animals at the Camp Expo in Toronto, I was able to express my love for animals.  I believe education is so very important to animal conservation and welfare.  This past summer, I became a Councillor in Training(CIT) at Jungle Cat World.  This was an amazing experience for me.  I was able to teach children hands-on about animals, and through this they learned how vital it is to keep these species alive.  One of the best experiences I had as a CIT was making a presentation about Great Apes; I found that the kids connected so much to the importance of preserving these incredible species forever.  As attached in the figure below, I encouraged all the campers to pledge to "follow their passion", and to continue to learn about animal conservation and environmentalism.  Seeing all 40 campers, plus over 10 staff, vow to make a difference, was truly rewarding.    I am currently 15, and as well as being a key member of my activism club and president of Student's Council, this year, I am focusing on a recycling project.  This is a relatively confidential project until I am finished, but I am working to record the recycling practices (or lack thereof) in large fast-food chains."

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