Assembly Followup Programs

4 great ways for teachers and students to learn by doing, with help from our non-profit partners. We connect your students, not only with nature, but with their community and with cultures around the world.


• Local A-Teams

cost: $20/member/year
grades 3-12logo A-Team.1

Local A-Teams - Groups of students or entire classrooms create their own wildlife club to learn about endangered species, go on wildlife field trips, and engage with the public providing education and fundraising for animals.


At minimum one adult Volunteer Leader is required (no charge). Teams receive all supporting guides, forms, suggested activities, and more on our website. Unlimited free phone consultations are available.

Students practice organizational, public speaking, marketing and management skills. They learn about change-making and leadership. Those who choose to raise funds learn about bookkeeping, profit/loss, and other basic business skills.

Student activity 1

Kids love animals and Local A-Teams provide the opportunity to help save endangered species and raise community awareness while students gain valuable, real-world experiences and skills.

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 • Build A Drone

cost: $500-$600/drone kit
grades 4-12


DaVinci Challenge - Build a Drone Workshop is a project of Kashmir Robotics the technology division of Kashmir World Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Great Falls, Virginia.


Project Summary

DaVinci Challenge: Build a Drone Workshop helps students see robotic aircraft from a broader perspective. Through the workshop we can train students and teachers in the design, fabrication, customization, and operation of small robotic aircraft. It is an excellent blend of science, technology, art, engineering and math (STEM/STEAM). Students learn about 3D printing, integration of robotic systems, and flying techniques as they build a quad­copter or hexa­copter in an actively engaging hands­on and innovative workshop. With guest speakers from the Federal Aviation Authority(FAA), Academy of Model Aeronautics, and local Maker Spaces, we have graduated over 100 students with a "Drone Operator Certificate."


The DaVinci Challenge can serve as a gateway to participation in the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge, to develop drones optimized for protecting endangered species from poachers. This program is currently engaging 140 teams from around the world.



Drone workshop 1



• Skype Pals between Cultures

cost: no charge
grades K-8

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One Planet Classrooms is a non-profit organisation that connects classrooms from around the globe via Skype sessions, and  collaborate with classes in developing countries to share cultural experiences and create a better world.

OPC African 1

The participating students interact first hand with students from a contrasting culture and this offers a unique opportunity to explore what life, culture and education might be like in other countries. The program provides an opportunity to expand the students’ capacity to contribute, in a very real way, to global community building. The partner classrooms are required to collaborate on a project that each partner can realistically contribute to from their end. The project must, in some way, benefit humanity, animal welfare, or the planet. While partnerships are free to choose their own project, they may prefer to use the project opportunity to build on and enhance previous learning from the A-Team for Wildlife 'School Assembly Program' by collaborating on a wildlife, conservation or endangered species themed project. Schools can register their expressions of interest to participate in the program via email or through the ‘contact us’ form on the One Planet Classrooms website:




• Endangered Wildlife Art Cultural Exchange

cost: $10/student
grades K-6

African classroom

A-Team For Wildlife offers an art & photo exchange program with classrooms in other countries. Your students make friends in far-away lands, learn about wildlife, and express themselves through art.

Art Exchange 1


Sample Artwork 1