Avalon Theisen

International A-Team Member




Name:  Avalon Theisen, Amphibian Conservationist

Current Age:  13

Years Active: 4

Website:  www.ConserveItForward.com

Tag Line: "If we all do small acts, then together we will make big changes.", "Find a project you love, act on it. That's how you Conserve it Forward!"

Email:  conserveitforward@verizon.net

Location:  Tampa, Florida, USA

Greatest Event or Award:  see below

Primary Campaign:  Conservation of Frogs

Education Efforts: Public Speaking, TV show, "Nature Tracks with Avalon"

Funds Raised to Date:  $12,275



Avalon Theisen was 9 years old in 2010 when she realized she needed to use her connection with the natural word to help make the world a better place. She helps people better connect, or re-connect, with the environment, and has grown her efforts into a non-profit organization called Conserve It Forward. Frogs are the primary focus of her environmental voice, because the challenges they face and the solutions that help them represent our local and global environment. "How the Croak of the Wild Empowered This Child" is the title of her TEDxYouth@TampaBay talk, at which she was the youngest presenter in 2013. Avalon enjoys exploring and traveling, and then sharing what she learns with others to help raise awareness and inspire action that will benefit both the natural world and people.

Avalon leads Conserve It Forward in their interactive booths, presentations, nature videos, Save the Frogs Day events, CareCans.org project, and social media communication. She also connects with her audience through journalism, and as of the end of 2013, you can see her on The Autism Channel, as she hosts her own nature show called Nature Tracks with Avalon.

Avalon's efforts have been recognized with several awards, including the following:

2011 International Young Eco-Hero by Action for Nature
2012 Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes
2012 Temple Grandin Award
2013 Roosevelt-Ashe Conservation Award for Outstanding Youth in Conservation
2013 Greening Forward Earth Savers Club Award
2013 SBN International Youth Award (under 13)
2014 WEDU Be More Inspiring Rising Star Award

"My goal is that everyone should feel interconnected with other living things and the environment, because then they want to help and not destroy it."


"How the Croak of the Wild Empowered this Child"

TEDx logo

Avalon speaks at TEDx!



Avalon now has her own TV show, "Nature Tracks with Avalon"!


Avalon with Red-eyed Tree Frog.

Avalon with Red-eyed Tree Frog.

Avalon Booth

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