“How can I help save animals?”


"I am just a kid.  How can I help save endangered animals?"

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You certainly can help save animals, just like our International A-Team is doing.  Together, they have saved hundreds-of-thousands of animals, thousands of acres of habitat, and have raised almost a million dollars in cash for professional conservationists.  Many of them have been on TV.  Some have met with government leaders.  Some have even spoken to the United Nations!  But for every one of them it started with the first step.

Reis kids on TV show

  Two A-Team kids, Olivia and Carter, of One More Generation, talking on local TV show.


3 Steps to Helping to Save Endangered Species


1. Learn - Learn about endangered species and about their habitats (homes). Learn about what is putting them in danger and what things can be done to help them.

2. Share - Tell others about what you learn. Tell everyone you know and everyone you meet.  This is called "Raising Awareness". Pass out fliers at school and at community events.  In time, you can write articles for newspapers, go on radio and TV to share what you have learned.  Some A-Team kids wind up with their own TV shows!

3. Act - Your first best action will be signing up to become a Member of A-Team For Wildlife. Next, you will want to create a campaign - decide what you will do to reach out to others with your message, create your fliers, put your Press Kit together, and maybe join a Local A-Team or start your own. Local A-Teams are a fun way to join with your friends to learn more about endangered animals. A most important action is to collect donations or start a small business to raise funds for wildlife.  Most professional conservationists desperately need more funds in order to do their work.  Raising money is one of the most important things kids can do to help endangered species.  Fundraising is FUN, too. You can also enter our fundraising competitions and win free trips to see exotic animals. A-Team For Wildlife can help  you with all of these actions.


That's it!


"Who will help me?"

 • A-Team For Wildlife will help you.  We've got experts to help our Members.

• Your Local A-Team. You do not have to join a Local A-Team, but if you do you will have kids on your team who will help you.

• Your adult Local A-Team Leader is there to help all A-Team members in your community.

• Your Local A-Team Presenter, the person who came to your school to give a presentation is the regional person available to help you.

Wild Life Website:  is the section of this website available to Members.  As a Member you can access a world of helpful articles, videos, documentaries, music videos, web cams, news reports, interviews, photos, podcasts, blogs, profiles and guidance from International A-Team members.

 We need to all help each other.    (photo: Daniel Clarke, TearsintheJungle.com)