Climate Change’s Evil Twin: Mass Extinction

Post 3 in the series by Ken Jones photo courtesy of Will Burrard-Lucas   Climate Change’s Evil Twin: Mass Extinction Currently holding center stage among environmental concerns is Climate Change.  Climate Change threatens climate stability in the near future, indeed, even now.  Global Warming from increasing CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gasses primarily from the human burning of...
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World Population Day

Post 2 of the series:   Letter to the Editor, World Population Day, observed annually on July 11,  was created by the United Nations in recognition of the need to raise awareness about the problems created by growing human populations.  Not long ago, on July 11, 1987, the world’s population reached Five Billion people. Today there are more than Seven Billion people and we are adding...
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Changing of the Guard for Wildlife

Post 1 of the series: The famous environmentalists listed above, among others, are aging or deceased. They have been the public educators and influencers Рthe conservationists who have taught a generation to care. 70% of today’s conservationists will be gone in 20 years due to retirement and death. Who is going to take their place? Despite their best efforts, they are leaving the natural...
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