Daniel & William Clarke

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Daniel & William


Name: Daniel &  William Clarke, Orangutan Conservation

Current Age:  18, 17

Years Active: 6

Website: www.TearsintheJungle.com

Tag Line:  

Email:    daniel@TearsintheJungle.com, william@TearsintheJungle.com

Location: Terrey Hills, Australia

Greatest Event or Award:  

Primary Campaign: Orangutan preservation, chimpanzee preservation

Education Efforts: Authored book, "Tears In the Jungle", school presentations, media events

Funds Raised to Date: $720,000


Australia:  Sydney based brothers Daniel (17) and William Clarke (15) are known in the media as “Australia’s most effective orang-utan advocates”.  In 2008, at the tender ages of just 12 and 10 years old, these amazing young men set themselves a goal to save the orang-utan in Borneo and Sumatra from extinction. Since then this intrepid duo have travelled through the jungles of Borneo, to see the orang-utan in the wild, written and self-published a book of their journey (Called “Tears In The Jungle”, which in itself has received world-wide reviews), raised over $705,000 for their cause, received the 2012 National Pride of Australia Medal and People’s Choice Award, received a letter of recognition from US President Barack Obama and have presented their quest to 40 schools and inspired over 19,000 students to make lasting change.

These persistent young men have met Prime Ministers, US Ambassadors, received numerous awards and have received much celebrity support including the honour of having a song written by International Rock Band INXS about their book and their quest.  In 2008 their story was featured in ABC TV’s “Australian Story” which has been revered as one of their most successful and inspirational episodes put to air.

All their incredible success is in itself quite impressive but when you realise that Daniel, the older brother, has cerebral palsy and is mostly confined to a wheelchair you get a greater appreciation of the depth of their passion.


The boys have now set themselves a NEW GOAL by taking on another one of the great apes… the Chimpanzee.  They have been working closely with the Jane Goodall Institute Australia to plan a visit to a chimpanzee rehabilitation sanctuary in The Congo, Africa, and write a second book.  Their campaign to raise the funds is being coordinated through the popular crowd funding website Pozible.  (You can CLICK HERE to see their new quest)

The boys are hoping to raise the $48,400 needed to get them to the congo and produce the first run of their books.  If you would like to be a part of their quest you can visit their website (www.TearsInTheJungle.com) or go directly to their crowd funding website which is (www.pozible.com/danandwill)

“We are honoured to be founding members of the International A-Team for Wildlife”, Daniel and William Clarke.





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