DeWet Du Toit – Director, Ambassador



Global Ambassador - The Real TARZAN of AFrica.

DeWet Du Toit, Director, Actor, Presenter and Tarzan impersonator lends his talents and contacts to the entertainment industry to our efforts.   Mr. Du Toit has created an online persona as Tarzan, by his movies and marketing, and as such is lending his interpretation of Tarzan in his contribution as A-Team for Wildlifes Global Ambassador.

Mr. Du Toit has lived in the jungles of Africa, as Tarzan lived, with nothing but his knife, his loincloth, and his wits, spending days and nights with the wild creatures of the forest.  He is remaking the literary icon into a modern, environmentally sensitive protector of wildlife.  Du Toit is also an accomplished filmmaker and New Media producer.


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Tarzan silhouette



TARZAN speaks out against POACHING!

The first of a series of Public Service Announcements, starring TARZAN, speaking out against poaching and introducing the A-Team  For Wildlife is available for viewing.  More will be coming soon.  These will  be distributed widely to community television stations and on the internet in the coming months.  Thank you to Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. for use of their character.




Tarzan with Bow

Tarzan with Bow

Tarzan on elephant.

Tarzan on elephant.

Tarzan in water 1


Tarzan with title