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Simply click the Donate button and make a donation by PayPal or credit card.  Your donation of any amount is very much appreciated.  It will go to support our School Assembly Program, Public Outreach Presentations, Save Endangered Species Petition Drives,  and our "Exciting Educational Wildlife Experiences" for our most deserving youth members.  Your donation goes to support the young people who are working hard to raise awareness and funds for endangered animals.  If you want to direct your donation to another one of our specific programs, contact us by email.

A-Team For Wildlife is a non-profit environmental education charity incorporated in California, USA.  It is registered as a charity with the state of California.

Note: Membership fees are not a donation.  They are a fee for service. Membership fees make it possible to provide your benefits of membership and supports our School Assembly Program about endangered species.  To sign up a child as a Youth Member, click here.

For Federal Tax-deductibility purposes, our tax ID # is EIN#: 46-4098888

under the fiscal agency of "Civic Developers".