Changing of the Guard for Wildlife

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The famous environmentalists listed above, among others, are aging or deceased. They have been the public educators and influencers – the conservationists who have taught a generation to care. 70% of today’s conservationists will be gone in 20 years due to retirement and death. Who is going to take their place?

Despite their best efforts, they are leaving the natural world worse off than before.

The next new generation may be the last one that can conserve nature enough to avoid the tipping points that loom for climate change, ocean depletions and mass species extinction. Who are going to be their leaders?  Who are the up-and-comers?  Among the young who are going to inspire and motivate the public to protect their natural resources? Shouldn’t we vigorously support them and nurture their careers in conservation?

A-Team For Wildlife was created in part to motivate the next generation of conservationists and to identify the next leaders and nurture their careers. We need your help.  Join in partnership with us to educate the next generation about conservation and to support its young leaders.

We proudly present The International A-Team!  This growing group of young super-stars in conservation from around the world have done amazing things in conservation. Read their profiles. Invite them to your events. Let them inspire you!

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Collectively our 17 International A-Team Members have already raised nearly 1 Million dollars for conservation, saved over 100,000 acres of habitat, appeared in films, have been interviewed on national TV, spoken at TED Talks, received over 40 MILLION views on YouTube, spoken to the United Nations, and have received recognition from President Obama.


About the author: Ken Jones is Founder and CEO of the conservation nonprofit for young people called, A-Team For Wildlife. He also hosts and produces a conservation podcast, “Jungle Deep”. In past years he has won recognition and awards for his volunteerism in support of Earth Day. Jones also founded and served as Director of the Tropical Rainforest Museum, during which time he brought wildlife education to California schools in nearly 1,000 assemblies.

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