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School Assembly for Presentation

School Assembly for Presentation

"Saving Endangered Species" Youth Assembly

Simply email or call:

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We will get right back to you to identify your preferred date and time, and answer any questions.

3-Stage Connection - A-Team For Wildlife offers a more comprehensive effort than you may be used to from other assembly programs.  We intend to not just inform and entertain, but to be effective.   Therefore, if you desire, we will contact all interested teachers at your school, prior to your assembly.  We will also followup with personal contact with those same teachers within 48 hours after the assembly as well.  Any teacher or parent who wants to put what they learned at the assembly into action, will get immediate help doing so.

Our liberal Scholarship policies are made possible by the formation of Local A-Teams and the youth memberships they create. The effectiveness of our  "Saving Endangered Species" School Assembly program is measured, in part, by the creation of Local A-Teams at each school.  Your students will be encouraged to put what they are learning at the Presentation into action by becoming a member of A-Team For Wildlife, (Youth Memberships cost $20 annually) and starting or joining a Local A-Team.  Local A-Teams are led by a Volunteer Adult Leader, usually a teacher or parent concerned about conservation. Youth Memberships help to underwrite the assemblies.

•  The Endangered Species assembly is available targeting 3 age groups: 1) Grades 3-6, 2) Grades 7-9, and Grades 10-12.  We recommend no more than 3 classes, or 100 students, per assembly.

• Designate a school staff person as your school's Assembly Coordinator.  We will discuss the details with your Assembly Coordinator and book your presentation. 10-14 days before your scheduled assembly we will contact your Assembly Coordinator to confirm and discuss last minute details.

• We have study materials that will help to prepare the students prior to their Presentation. They can be mailed or downloaded from our website.  We will discuss your preference with your Assembly Coordinator.

• A 50% deposit is required upon booking the assembly, to reserve your date, with the balance due the day of the Presentation.

• Scholarships are available.  Do not let lack of funds keep you from booking this important assembly!

• Student memberships in A-Team For Wildlife make scholarships possible, so every student in attendance is asked to take a membership flier home to their parents for consideration for joining A-Team For Wildlife. These fliers can be sent to the school's Assembly Coordinator in advance of the assembly, if desired.

• We will arrive 30-60 minutes prior to the first assembly time scheduled, and report to your school office.  Please allow 30 minutes after the last presentation for disassembly of our gear and packing up.  Usually our staff will consist of 1 or 2 Presenters.

• We bring our own equipment.  We require only 1) Access to an electrical outlet, 2) Projection screen, 3) Shades - means to darken the room.

CANCELLATIONS:  Cancelations of your scheduled assembly may be made up to 30 days prior to the booked date, with a full refund of deposit.  Cancelations within 30 days of your booked assembly forfeit the deposit.

FEES:  First assembly...$400, additional assemblies at same location, same day...$300 each. A daily rate for 4 or 5 presentations is ...$1200.  A Travel Fee may apply.  Inquire. A 50% Deposit is required upon booking and the balance is due the day of your Presentation.  Scholarships for discounts and free Presentations are available, inquire. Make a request for your special consideration on the Assembly Presentation Application Form.  Do not let lack of funds keep you from booking this important assembly!

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