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As Kid President would say, "If it doesn't make the world better, don't do it!"  A-Team For Wildlife is all about making the world better.  And we are doing it!  It starts with all of the great information, resources and fun we have for our Members on this site, what we like to call our, "Wild Life Site". It keeps growing, with more content added every day. Our sources are among the best in the world, from names you probably have heard of, like Scientific American, National Geographic, IUCN,  Animal Planet, and BBC TV.  We've got all this great stuff all in one place!

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We like Kid President!


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These kids are ROLE MODELS for excellence from 5 countries around the world.  They are real, live youth leaders who you can talk to for advice and guidance.  You can email them, or phone them.  They want to help you save animals!


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