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Joseph Simcox, World Food Plant Ecologist and Ethnobotanist.


As the Botanical Explorer, Joseph Simcox travels the globe to identify the world’s food plant resources focusing on under-utilized crops and wild species. The basis of his work is to promote the use and cultivation of plants for food and useful components. The harmonious balance between modern man’s infrastructures and nature is necessary if man is to continue to prosper on the planet. His goal is to ensure food security and nutrition for all while developing food systems that mimic nature. Joseph asserts that the identification of wild food plants and their appropriate habitats is the first step to creating sustainable ecosystems.

The improvement of these suitable plants should be one of the world’s foremost civic agendas. Science is often viewed as the sole source of inspiration in our present day psyche, but Joseph argues that much of the greatest inspiration will come when we re-examine the life ways of peoples past. “When we “know” as a society rather than as “experts” what nature offers us all will have the keys to live better, healthier and more rewarding lives. Many of the causes of poverty in today’s world are overlooked because few categorize non-economic indicators of impoverishment. Losing traditional ways, is often looked upon as advancement by the people who are trying to “advance” but in the process they ironically become even more poor. We are like those people, but we lost our ways a long-long time ago, its time to rediscover what we lost!”

Joseph is an international speaker presenting at diverse conferences and symposiums around the world and introducing new perspectives on food resources, food production and the environment. He collaborates with independent growers, industry, universities, governments and non-government organizations in this worldwide effort. He has visited more than 100 countries to date for his field experience.

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