Local A-Team Leader Resources

Welcome, Local A-Team Leaders!  Congratulations for stepping up to help young people to engage in community service and to help endangered wildlife.  You are terrific!

This page provides access to the Guides and Handouts that will make your job leading your A-Team easier and more fun.  Download the items you require.  Feel free to email or call us with any questions or special requests.  We are here for you.

Email: [email protected],  phone: 209-225-9660


Your goal, as a Local A-Team Leader, is to accomplish the following with your group of kids:

Fun: Have fun learning about animals.

Empathy:  Promote consideration, a sense of fairness and kindness to animals and to each other.

Awareness: Provide handouts and opportunities for your team to raise awareness about endangered species.  Encourage individual members to make a report on their favorite endangered species and present their report to the group at a future meeting. Give them opportunities to accumulate experience talking to adults, too, about this issue.

Fund-raising: Promote fund-raising activities: organized collection of donations, penny-collecting drives, bake sales, craft fairs, sporting events, or any event that maximizes your teammates innate interests and abilities, while building their sense of self-worth through accomplishment of goals.

Youth Leadership:  Instill a sense of pride in each individuals’ unique way of demonstrating leadership skills.

Community Service ethos:  A building of self-worth through service to others.  Foster an awareness of interdependence between each other, and each individual and their environment. Allow that connectedness to strengthen a feeling of belonging and an ethos of community service.

Open- Minded debate of ideas: Encourage discussions on our relationships to animals. Protect each person’s right to minority opinions. Discuss ominvore verses vegetarian diets, hunting for food verses hunting for trophies, when is it O.K. to have wild animals in captivity? How should they be provided for? etc. Encourage your teammates to participate on A-Team’s “Wild Life Website” blogs with these debates.



PDF files for viewing or download:

• Local A-Team Application

• Guide for  How to start a Local A-Team

• Campaign Suggestions

• Quarterly Report

• Endangered Species Information Sheet


Kids Brochure



Download a pdf copy of our

Kids brochure.r

Wildlife Skype Pals

Taking Pen Pals to the Next Level- Using Skype to Foster Student Connections and Learning“,  http://lasdilearn.blogspot.com/2013/05/students-skyping-today-could-solve.html

Skype in the Classroom“,  https://education.skype.com/