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Luca Barardi


Name:  Luca Berardi, Recycling, Music Video Production

Current Age:  12

Years Active: 5


Tag Line:  


Location: Nairobi,  Kenya, Africa

Greatest Event or Award:  recognition on

Primary Campaign:  Recycling and environmental music videos

Education Efforts:  environmental music videos

Funds Raised to Date:


Welcome Video



Introduction video of Y.A.R.H.

Y.A.R.H. stands for Young Animal Rescue Heroes


Luca is a Kenyan/Italian young man, born 10 years ago in Forlì, Italy. He is a singer, actor and a conservationist who founded Young Animal Rescue Heroes (YARH).Luca Berardi reads a lot about wildlife and he has vast a knowledge of endangered species from around the world. This is one of the reasons that led him to start YARH in order to help children understand more about wildlife conservation through workshops and other school activities.  He is also undertaking a recycling project with a local company, and the money he raises is donated to wildlife service or to fund the workshops.

At only 10, Luca is a recording artist who has just released “ October 2013 “ his first single entitled 'A Better Place', which calls the world to action in making this world a better place for every living thing. The music video accompanying the song can be seen here:

Special skills:

Fluent in Italian and English, with an addition of basic French.
A singer with growing piano skills.
A junior golfer with a good swing.
Extremely interested in, and with a good knowledge of, the world's wildlife.
A writer: writing short stories for kids which have not been published yet.

Media mentions:

Luca has received several media mentions here in Kenya and abroad for his musical skills and conservation efforts.

More mentions and media interviews have come lately after the release of his song at the beginning of October.

He continues to champion environmental and wildlife issues.

LUCA logo


"A Better Place" written and performed by LUCA.


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 pdf of artcle: 151122_TheStandard_GenNext



 Luca and the YARH team conduct a BIG recycling effort.






 Luca and team planting trees in Kenya.





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