Lysander Christo

International A-Team Member




Name:  Lysander Christo, Elephant campaigner

Current Age:  8

Years Active:  8



Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Greatest Event or Award:  Speaking as the only child at the March for Elephants in front of the United Nations October 4th 2013

Primary Campaign:  Save the elephants!

Education Efforts:  First piece published by Izilwane The Voices of Biodiversity-The Bones of Extinction

Funds Raised to Date: Several thousand for


Lysander Christo has travelled with his parents to Africa, Asia and the Arctic. Among his favorite animals are elephants, whales, lions, tigers, polar bears and horses! Lysander was born in Amagansett, NY and went to the Galapagos as a two year old and remembers the seals, giant tortoises and blue footed boobies. He learned to swim among turtles and rays in Belize and began to appreciate birds in western Belize where he also met his first bats. He saw his first polar bears, caribou and Arctic fox in Svalbard when he was three. He has been to Greenland twice and was amazed by its glaciers and icebergs. In 2010 he saw polar bears feeding on belugas! Lysander first learned to walk in Kenya in 2006 and was introduced to the elephants of Amboseli where a baby elephant left its mother to stroke the car he was in to greet him!  He has returned to Africa with his family five times. His parents are in the process of making a feature documentary that includes Lysander called Walking Thunder- The Last Stand of the African Elephant. His first short documentary Lysander's Song was shown at the Environmental Film Festival in DC in March 2012.   He has marveled at the tigers of India where he spent three weeks with the tigers of Bandhavgarh. He loves animals very much and wants to see the ivory trade stopped!


Read Lysander's article about Elephants and Ivory on the "Member Stories, Videos, Website" page, here.


Lysanders-Song Sante Fe Ind Film Festival

Lysander with mom






Lysander with mom, reading about elephants.


Lysander closeup

Lysander, taken in Africa.







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