Maddie Cranston

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Name: Madeline Cranston, Ocean Warrior

Current Age: 10

Years Active: 4



Twitter: @sharkwarriorjr

Tagline:  "With every breath we take, every drop of water we drink, we're connected to the ocean."

Location:  Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Greatest Event or Award: Youngest recipient of the Leading Girls Building Communities Award, nominated in Youth Catagory, Women of Waterloo.

Primary Campaign:  Ocean preservation with an emphasis on sharks. Activism in a box Toolkit.

Education Efforts: Class presentations, public speaking, TV and radio.

Funds Raised to Date: $3,000




Maddie Cranston is a 10 year old girl from Waterloo, Ontario. She has been active in her community since age 9 as a public speaker in schools both elementary and secondary as well as post secondary (University of Waterloo) and at events such as Ignite Charity (Kitchener) in 2012, and TEDxWaterloo Youth (Kitchener) in 2013, and the Count Me In conference (Toronto) in 2013 & 2014, the first ever Count Me In Conference in Winnipeg in 2014 and the inaugural TEDxKitchenerED at Huron Heights Secondary School in Kitchener. Her message is focused on the importance of children believing in themselves and using their voice and ingenuity to help bring about positive change in the world. 

Since age 6, Maddie has been focused on researching endangered marine animals to help children and adults learn how to implement even the smallest change to protect our oceans and our planet. Maddie started a club at her school in grade 3 to help save sharks. She taught her classmates about facts to help reduce fear through research and education. Maddie is fearless in her willingness to try new ways to share her message that "little things make a difference and that event the smallest voice can have a big impact". Maddie bakes, writes, blogs, makes calendars and jewelry to raise awareness and funds to support AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, an organization in Cape Town South Africa that made her their first and youngest international ambassador. She uses YouTube to motivate and encourage children in South Africa and around the world. 

Although Maddie is little, she is a voice for those who cannot speak and she is a leader and role model for kids everywhere who want to help make a difference in the world, but might not know how to get started or how to solicit support.

Maddie at TED



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