Matt Tebb – Director of Wildlife



B.S. in Zoology, Carnivore specialist, working with tigers, great apes, and birds of prey


I am currently working at Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo as a senior carnivore handler. I have 10 years experience in large carnivore training and handling, many of those years as a key member of the very experienced tiger department at Australia Zoo. My interests are directed towards the training of big cats, especially tigers as well as creating enrichment programs. I also have experience with lions, bears and gorillas, as well as many small carnivores and birds of prey. I have done lots of medical training and have vast experience in operations, vast knowledge of animal nutrition and an extensive amount of media/film production experience. My approach is hands on as I believe in the true results that it brings in the quality of life provided for the animals. Ultimately, my goal is to do everything within my power and knowledge to bring the best quality of life to the animals in my care. I'm an open, passionate, caring and dedicated individual who is extremely involved in the zoo industry and the conservation of the animals that share our planet.

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