Kids become Youth Leaders – you can too!

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"We have to be the change we want to see.
We are the leaders we were waiting for."

Youth of all ages can make a difference to help animals.  Lots and lots of kids have decided to help one species or another, and sometimes entire regions and all the animals that live there.  They took  just one step at a time, usually by reading and then talking to the people around them, giving talks in their classrooms and at community events. They shared what they had learned.  Eventually these kids found themselves on radio and TV news programs, some got invited to State and National government offices.  Some went to the White House.  Some even got invited to the United Nations!  Along the way they met more and more people who wanted to help the animals.  As they made more friends and connected with more people they grew their influence to make the world a better place.

Along the way many of these kids raised money.  At first it was just a little money.  But as their work as a spokesperson for endangered animals grew, the money grew.  Many of these kids raised thousands of dollars.  Some of them raised hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to help the animals.  The most successful of these young people have been invited onto our International A-Team.  Theses superstars of conservation all started out just like you - as a beginner with a big heart.  Someone who wanted to make a difference.

A-Team For Wildlife's International A-Team of conservation superstars are young people who have come together on A-Team to help you.  They are here to show you how to do it.  Visit their profiles on this website.  Get to know them and their stories.  Read their Bios, watch their videos. Let their journeys inspire you! You may want to join or start a Local A-Team.  After all, they say that all it takes to become a leader is to have a follower.  YOU can be a leader if you want. Go get a friend to join your Local A-Team.   A-Team for Wildlife will help you work it out.

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