Kids, this is for you!


“Animals Need More Friends!”

Daniel w:orang

This website has a big section just for youth – kids of all ages under the age of 19. The next page, titled “Youth” will tell you what  in A-Team For Wildlife is all about.  You can subscribe (free) or become a Member (paid).  There, you will be invited to input your special secret Password, which will open the door to the rest of the world of A-Team.  If you are not yet a Member of A-Team For Wildlife, you will want to go to the page called, “Become an A-Team Member”, to learn more about A-Team For Wildlife and have a chance to sign up.  Membership will only cost $20 for a whole year, but you will need your parent’s help to pay for your new membership. Once you become a Member, you will receive your special password by email, and by mail you will get a Welcome Letter, a Membership Card, and a beautiful A-Team For Wildlife poster signed by TARZAN, for your bedroom wall!  And that is just the beginning…


Next stop: the Youth page.