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Dear Parent,

The world belongs to your child, as much as anyone else.  Even more, perhaps, than adults, for children have their lives before them.  No-one wants a world impoverished by the loss of  animals like, tigers, elephants, rhinos, polar bears and pandas.  Extinction of these species represents even greater losses to the habitats of these animals.  Your child needs, wants and deserves a healthy planet rich with wildlife.

Involvement with A-Team of Wildlife offers many benefits for your child:

  • Opportunities to work with other children with a team spirit.
  • Experience community service to benefit others while enhancing the feeling of belonging.
  • Acquire Leadership Skills, like public speaking, organizing, record keeping.
  • Learn about our connectedness to nature, the importance of natural resources, and wildlife.
  • Master internet marketing techniques

Whether your child stays with conservation issues and becomes a professional conservationist, or not, s/he will gain skills and experiences that will serve them in their future schooling and career.

A-Team for Wildlife  is a non-profit wildlife education and fund-raising organization.

Our leadership are parents, teachers, and conservation professionals who want to inspire and assist young people to save endangered species and preserve needed habitat. You can learn about us as individuals at the "Meet our Leaders" tab, or by clicking  here.

Our Mission:  to serve youth saving endangered species through education, inspiration, guidance, and individualized fund-raising activities.

Our Vision: A-Team for Wildlife will be the leader in youth-generated fund-raising with Local A-Teams in every community in the country and many countries around the world, supporting and rewarding achievers with Exciting Educational Wildlife Experiences, and offering record-breaking sums as donations to endangered species preservation programs.

Every youth, through membership, will learn about the value of nature, experience teamwork and demonstrate a community service ethos, practice leadership skills, and build confidence while working in an environment that embraces diversity in religion, nationality, race, and gender.

As a result, the trend of accelerating  extinctions will be reversed and the conservation community will have a supply of new conservation professionals backed up by an educated and involved new generation of the public progressing towards sustainability.


A-Team For Wildlife:

1) Supports non-profit programs working on preserving endangered species.

  • Donating much-needed funds to projects and programs.
  • Creating a genesis for the next generation of professional conservationists.
  • Taking part in formal Associate and Parnership programs of mutual support.

2) Educates and motivates youth about endangered species.

  • School and youth-group presentations.
  • Membership in A-Team for Wildlife providing various benefits.
  • Access to our educational and motivational website for information and guidance.
  • Formation of  Local  A-Teams  of youth members working on 1) education of the public, 2) raising funds for wildlife, 3) developing Leadership Skills.
  • Contests with rewards for members to Exciting Educational Wildlife Experiences.

3) Provides a network of support for those youth who have risen to leadership in conservation.

  • International A-Team  recognizes, honors, and supports the most effective of youth leadership in conservation, those we call "the prodigies of conservation".
  • Mentors - connecting A-Team youth leaders with adult, professional mentors in their field of interest.
  • Logistical support in providing websites and social media services.
  • Media support- attracting, coordinating, and managing media interest for promotion of their projects. Guidance in creating videos, podcasts,  "Press Kits" and "branding".
  • Personal support through networking with other youth in their field of interest, and with role models, as those found in the International A-Team.


"I want to give my child a membership!"

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Notice and Disclaimer: In your efforts to connect children with nature, A-Team For Wildlife would like to remind parents and other adults that there are risks associated with wildlife activities. A-Team For Wildlife recommends that before you start on your adventures, you become aware of and alert children to any unsafe areas or conditions that may be present in your surroundings. You should also be aware of  your childrens physical limitations and always take necessary safety precautions while exploring the outdoors. In addition, our website contains information written by third parties and links to third-party websites. This information may not necessarily reflect the views of A-Team For Wildlife or any of its members, directors or employees, and the inclusion of this information does not imply an endorsement of that information by A-Team For Wildlife. A-Team For Wildlife works to provide wholesome and accurate information, however, it does not guarantee the appropriateness, accuracy or reliability of any third-party information contained in this website or any link on the website.