Rhiannon Tomtishen & Madison Vorva

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Rhiannon & Madison


Name:  Rhiannon Tomtishen & Madison Vorva, Project Orangs

Current Ages:  18

Years Active: 7

Website:  www.ProjectOrangs.org

Tag Line:

Email:  saveorangutans137@hotmail.com

Location:    USA

Greatest Event or Award:  see list below.

Primary Campaign:  Conservation of Orangutans/Palm Oil awareness/Palm Oil in Girl Scout Cookies

Education Efforts: Public Speaking, Media Events-  Our advocacy efforts have spread through hundreds of articles and interviews, bringing the issue of palm oil to mainstream media. Our media appearances have included the Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, MSNBC, Aol News, NPR, Fox News, the CBS Early Show and ABC News.

Funds Raised to Date: $4,000


Project ORANGS began in 2007 as an attempt to earn a Girl Scout Bronze Award. Madison and Rhiannon researched the endangered orangutan and discovered that their rainforest habitat in Indonesia and Malaysia is being cleared at an alarming rate for palm oil production. This palm oil is used in a variety of products--everything from cosmetics to candy bars and processed goods. When the girls discovered that the Girl Scout cookies they had sold since childhood contained palm oil, they made their mission to bring this issue to the attention of Girl Scouts USA. They launched a nation-wide campaign that gathered the support of over 100,000 consumers through an online petition and social media day of action. Five years later, the grassroots organizations combined with media appearances in major outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and the CBS Early Show, resulted in a meeting with Girl Scout executives. Six months after this meeting, Girl Scouts USA announced a new palm oil policy. Today, Project ORANGS continues to educate consumers about the destructive impacts of unsustainable palm oil production and to encourage companies to adopt deforestation-free and conflict-free palm oil policies.

Awards (international):

United Nations North American Forest Heroes Award (February 2012)

Awards (national):

Emerging Conservation Leaders Award from the Philadelphia Zoo (November 2012) SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Environmental Excellence Award (May 2012) Brower Youth Award from the Earth Island Institute (October 2011) Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes (August 2011)


UN logoForest heroes, North America - Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen (United Sates)


TEDx logo

TEDxRedmond - Madison Vorva and Rhiannon Tomtishen - Palm Oil and Girl Scout Cookies.  


CBS logoGirl Scout cookies: An environmental threat?


 RAN logoMake Girl Scout Cookies Rainforest-Safe


Fox News logo2 Girl Scouts Assert Cookies Are Bad For Environment


BrowerYouthAwards logoRhiannon Tomtishen & Madison Vorva - Speech at Brower Youth Awards 2011


Major Media Appearances:

• NPR Morning Edition (February 2012)

Two Scouts Fight for Deforestation-free Cookies


• CBS Early Show (May 24, 2011) Are Girl Scout Cookies bad for the environment?


• ABC World News (May 23, 2011)

Two Girl Scouts Say Dont Buy the Cookies


• Wall Street Journal (May 20, 2011) (page 1) Cookie Crumbles for Girl Scouts



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