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Grownups move from passive to "advocate", and from "advocate" to "activist".

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STOP the WAR on NATURE is our campaign to enroll adults who care about the future of our civilization and don't want to sit on the sidelines. People who want to be advocates for nature and our children's future. People who might want to move past advocacy to activism to help shape what this world is becoming.

There is strength in numbers. It has always been true.  It will take great numbers of people to counter the strong forces of corporate greed, governmental lethargy, and public complacency to shift the direction of our progress away from environmental disaster and towards sustainability and respect for human rights. We are building those numbers by including everyone who cares.

You, like most people, are busy.  You have to work all day and then care for your family. You haven't free time.  We are here for you!  We research the issues and negotiate with the decision-makers on your behalf.  We glean the most relevant news from the media to present you with the most important issues.  Voting on our petitions takes only moments. By joining with others in A-Team For Wildlife, you make your actions as powerful as they can be - efficient use of your time for the issues that determine everyone's future.

One of the leading environmentalists of the day, author, activist, founder of and leader of the largest environmental protest in decades, The People's Climate March, in New York City in 2014, says this about changes needed and how you can help.

There are many, many people who are working on hundreds of environmental issues, but their actions are fragmented and their messages are weakened by competing with so many others that they can't seem to get "above the noise".  Further, so many specialized individual environmental messages tend to confuse and overwhelm the public.  We believe in unifying these efforts under the banner of "Stop the War on Nature".  To have the effect they want upon change,  environmentalists and conservationists must do less competing and more unifying.  From destruction of habitat to food waste, from driving species to extinction to pollution, from climate change to factory farming - all of these issues that are destroying nature and jeopardizing our future are symptoms of a systemic lack of respect for the foundation of life, for nature, upon which we undeniably depend.  We say, "Stop the War on Nature".  It is simple, powerful, and exactly to the point.

We don't want you to stop supporting your pre-existing favorite environmental causes.  Don't stop supporting civil rights, either. Just consider that something more is needed. We want you to join with us, as we want everyone to become a member who believes that nature, with its amazing Web of Life, is to be appreciated and protected.

We also believe assaults to the environment are a human rights issue.  Not a "special interest", not just one of many social issues, but an issue of individual human rights to a healthy natural environment required for our very life.  For as long as industries, governments, or individuals pollute our land, water or air, and for as long as species are destroyed, human rights are being denied.  The evidence makes plain that an overhaul of our societal structures, such as substituting clean energy sources for carbon-based fuels and new methods of food production, are required to protect the foundation of those individual human rights. Those rights are generally agreed upon, the problems mostly identified, and many solutions are known and available.  What is missing is the "will" by sufficient numbers of the public to motivate business and government leaders to make the changes needed.  We believe effective organizing and action involves petitioning, educational events, peaceful protest, and responsible, science-based political involvement. We need you.  READ the article.

SAVE the Vaquita Petition Graphic.2Ours is an umbrella group, encompassing many issues, to promote nature advocacy and civil activism towards a sustainable future. Our petition drives and public presentations are ways we leverage your interest and membership towards influencing decision-makers in government and corporations.  We have fun while engaging others and creating a life-affirming future for our children and grandchildren.  If you are interested in any of the following or related issues, we want you in our group to show others that you too, want to Stop the War on Nature.

animal welfare, animal cruelty, wildlife conservation, factory farming, food production, food waste, killing of whales, dolphins and other endangered animals for food, vegetarianism, veganism, trophy hunting, climate change, clean energy, oil dependence, raising sea levels, extreme weather, deforestation, tropical rain forests, endangered species, destructive mining, ocean depletion, ocean acidification, coral reef bleaching, fracking.


Three steps to the new Restore Earth future:

1. Join - Combine your power with others by joining A-Team For Wildlife.

2. Donate - Contributions of any amount on a regular basis empowers progress.

3. Vote - Not only for earth-friendly political candidates, but vote with your signature on petitions and your dollars when purchasing products.

Do these three things faithfully, and you are an Advocate.  Want to go further for the cause?  Become an Activist by participating in community meetings and events, speaking out to the media and online, writing letters to the editor and your political representatives, join in protest activities, or start a Local A-Team!


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"Save the little Vaquita!"


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Holding a Vaquita

Vaquitas are the smallest caetcean (whales, dolphins, porpoises). They are also the most endangered marine mammal in the world today.  They are extremely intelligent. At the 2012 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, support was reiterated for a cetacean bill of rights, listing cetaceans as non-human persons.[3]


Help us promote this petition. Become a member at the "Advocate" level with your individual donation of $40 or more.

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Gulf of California

Vaquitas have an extremely small range, only found in the northern-most area of the Gulf of California.

Vaquita caught in net

Drowning when captured in gillnets as bycatch has been the number one cause of deaths. However, pollution is another suspect. Most recently, the illegal fishing for the (endangered) totoaba, a fish whose swim bladder is highly valued in Chinese cuisine, has become a major motivator for fishing in the Vaquita's home range, leading to more losses.

The Mexican government can stop this and save the Vaquita, if sufficiently motivated.  We are helping to provide that motivation.

This film segment presents an out-dated population number.  It has dropped by half since this film was made.

Help us promote this petition. Become a member at the “Advocate” level with your individual donation of $40 or more.

Help us sponsor more petitions like this one.  Become a member at the “Activist” level with your recurring monthly donation of $20 or more.