Where do raised funds go?

Male Lion

The Simple Answer:

The "Lion's Share" goes to support non-profit efforts to save endangered species.

Monies are raised in several ways;  by individual youth members, Local A-Teams as a group, by online donations, by grants, profits from online store sales, and by A-Team sponsored  events.  Funds raised by individual youth members or Local A-Teams are subject to up to, but no more than, 30% designation to programs, to support our public education efforts, the Rewards to youth A-Team members, and administration.  A minimum of 70% of all collected funds by members are reserved for pass-through as directed by our Donations Review Committee.


Donations from our website will go to support our School Assembly Program and our“Exciting Educational Wildlife Experiences” for our most deserving youth members.  Your donation goes to support the young people who are working hard to raise awareness and funds for endangered animals.

Your membership fee is not a donation.  It is a fee for service. It  makes it possible to provide your benefits of membership and supports our School Assembly Program about endangered species.


The Details:

Individual youth members, and their parents or guardians, who are not members of a Local A-Team, are responsible for forwarding funds collected by a youth member, in the name of A-Team For Wildlife, to the national office of A-Team For Wildlife in a timely manner. It is wrong to collect funds in the name of A-Team For Wildlife and to donate them to some other organization or to not forward them to the A-Team For Wildlife office.  Local A-Teams, as a group,  deliver funds raised to the A-Team For Wildlife national office.  The Local A-Team Leader for each group is responsible for seeing that all funds collected are forwarded appropriately and in a timely manner.  A minimum of 70% of all such funds, whether collected by individuals or by A-Teams, are  held by the national office in escrow to be disseminated to vetted non-profit endangered wildlife preservation efforts, by the annual meeting of our Donation Review Committee.