Wildlife as Pets

Olivia Binfield suggested this topic: “Wild creatures need to be wild it is something they are born for. Yet many people cruelly take young of incredibly rare and amazing animals. Chimps born in chains. Komodo dragons and other young monkeys forced to be pets. Chains rub their skin raw. They never know more than to be pets kept in chains and never to see the wild. many die.”

Do you think there are times when it is O.K. to keep wild animals as pets?  Are there ways to keep them in captivity so that they don’t suffer? When is keeping wild animals as pets a good thing? Ever?

Is the snake in this picture enjoying a loving home, or simply looking for his next meal? Should the man trust a constrictor as large as this python not to hurt him?  Have loving owners of giant snakes ever been killed by their pets?


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