Win Wildlife Adventures!

So there!

• A visit to an exotic animal veterinary hospital
• A Behind-the-Scenes Tour at your local Zoo 
• Free weekend stay for you and your family at a regional Wild Animal Park
• Free Weekend holiday at the San Diego Zoo
• A Wildlife Safari - in Africa
• A trip to see the Orangutans in Borneo
• Explore up the Amazon River
• Appear with TARZAN in a Public Service Announcement against poaching
"Exciting Educational Wildlife Experience"
can be yours!

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These are all possibilities for the winners of our competitions - for Members Only.  We know that the number-one need of professional conservationists in the field to save endangered species is increased funding of their efforts. We are here to help them with that.  So when you win a fundraising competition, A-Team For Wildlife wants to provide you with an "Exciting Educational Wildlife Experience".  This is not just an earned reward, but your avenue to become an even better, more powerful champion for wildlife! Become a Member, today!

You could Win an African Safari!

You could Win an African Safari!


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