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Things have been going wrong in the world of nature for a long time now.  Animals and their homes, referred to as habitats, are considered "natural resources".  While we all need natural resources, like food, water, and shelter, in order to live, some people are using far more than their fare share.  Some use natural resources as merely "profit centers" for making more and more profits.  Along the way, a huge amount of our natural resources are wasted.  Habitats are often polluted or destroyed.  Wildlife around the world is in decline.  Scientists say that now about 25% of the larger animals will go extinct in your lifetime.


"Why Join A-Team For Wildlife?"

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1. Animals are in trouble.

Animals around the world are in trouble and need our help.  Their homes are being destroyed and in many cases, the animals are being hunted and illegally poached, to the brink of extinction.  Poaching is killing off our most treasured species, for example, on average: 3 Tigers per week, and 50 Elephants, 4 Orangutans, 2 Rhinos and 2 Giant Pandas,  each  day!   25% of all wildlife are threatened with extinction within our lifetime.  These animals need our help to survive.


2. People need to know.

We need more wildlife educators!  Half of the American public is unaware of these problems or don't think they are serious.  They are wrong, and we have to help them understand, and help them take action.


3. Time is running out.

Wildlife professionals, the conservationists, need help.  They need more funds- more money in order to fight to save endangered wildlife.  Half of the people in the world are children.  When it comes to animals, children know best: these creatures need to be saved and their homes protected.  Youth can make a HUGE difference.  Sadly, the last generation - your parents - has failed to turn this problem around.  Now it is your turn.  And you are the  last generation who can save many of our treasured species.  There is simply not enough time for people to come along later and do it. It is up to us. now.


4. We want you on our team.

A-Team For Wildlife represents the best.  An  A-Team is a team of individuals working together to use the best of their talents to do the best they can do. You can be proud to be a member of A-Team For Wildlife. Our youth leadership team, the International A-Team, is among the top youth leaders of conservation in the world.  You can join them!



Sure, some of the news we get is sad, very sad.  But there is very good news, too.  Our activities, achievements, and new friends make it fun.  It is fun to be a member!  We teach others and we raise funds.  You can learn about endangered animals and share what you learn with others by giving talks, having a booth at a fair, publishing a newsletter, and in many other ways.  It is also fun to find ways to use your own personal talents and interests to raise funds.  You can collect donations, create events, start competitions, put on shows, start your own small business selling things or providing a service - many, many ways to raise money to donate to A-Team For Wildlife for the animals!


6. Learn to become a leader.

Learn about endangered animals on our website.  Read articles and blogs by other youth who are members.  Watch videos and live cams.  Become a leader and write your own articles and blogs.  Make your own videos.  Learn how to reach out to newspapers and local TV and radio stations. Some of our members have even gone to the White House and the United Nations!  You could too!  Click here to learn more about becoming a Change Maker.


7. Win FREE trips to see wildlife.

Win fantastic trips to see wildlife!  When you raise funds to A-Team For Wildlife you are entered into a competition to win "Exciting Educational Wildlife Experiences".  Win Behind-the-scenes tours of zoos, animal preserves, and veterinary hospitals.  Win weekend get-aways for your family at special wildlife destinations.  You might even win a Safari to the savannahs of Africa, or the jungles of South America or Indonesia!


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"I am just a kid.  How can I help save endangered animals?




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All these tusks were cut off of elephants illegally killed for the ivory.

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This Rhino horn was cruely cut of the face of a living rhino, left to die a painful and horrible death, for the completely wrong idea that rhino horn powder is a medicine - its a lie created to make poachers rich.   "TIME Explains: The Link Between Wildlife Trafficking (poaching) and Terrorism" see Video here:

Over 1,000 Rhinos Poached in South Africa Last Year

by Andrew Katz A record number of rhinos were poached in South Africa last year, the countrys department of environmental affairs  announced  Friday. The spike in poaching has reportedly been driven by Asian demand for their horns. The department reported 1,004 rhinos were killed illegally in 2013, up sharply from 668 the year before and 448 in 2011. The majority of attacks have taken place in Kruger National Park”606”even with its park service using drones and helicopters to sniff out suspected poachers.  So far this year, 37 have been poached”close to three per day. South Africas rhino population is estimated to hover around 20,000. (MORE:  Poachers, Not Big Game Hunters, Are the Real Threat to Endangered Rhinos) The horns are smuggled out of South Africa to Asia, specifically Vietnam and China, where they are viewed as a status symbol and used in traditional medicine. The World Wildlife Fund  issued  a statement Friday from Dr. Jo Shaw, rhino program manager for South Africa, calling on South Africa and Mozambique”where many horns leave the continent”to make arrests higher up the trafficking chain to deter future killings. Read more:  South Africa: Over 1000 Rhinos Poached In 2013 |


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